Arbor Care Services for Street Trees and Designated Common Areas


Arbor Care provides year round services for Senators street trees located in our devil strips and common areas.  

Recycle Sept 2018.jpg
  • Garbage carts and recycling carts should be AT LEAST 4 FEET AWAY from each other and any other object.

  • Place carts within 4 FEET of the curb.

  • The short metal bar must face the street

  • LID MUST BE CLOSED to prevent spillage

  • Place containers curbside the night prior to your collection day

  • Call (302) 945-3500 for rates and to schedule

  • Credit card deposit required

  • Examples of bulk: Lumber, Furniture, Grills, Appliances, Etc. 

DGM, Inc.

Mowing of archaeological area - April/May

This service is done once a year.

Fountains in Ponds 1 and 2 will be stored on-site through the winter.  They will be re-installed in mid- to late March.

Ponds 3, 4, and 5 are a part of a 'pond share' with our Governors neighbors.

See the IRRIGATION and POND page under COMMITTEES for more information regarding pond vegetation.

  • Sullivan's is a Delaware Certified applicator

  • Chemicals added to the common areas are approved for use by the Delaware Department of Agriculture safe to animals and humans.  However, as added precaution, avoid treated areas for 48 hours and wash off pet paws and shoes before entering your home.

  • After application, flags/signs will be posted in the affected areas.  HOA announcement will be given to the community 2 days prior.

  • During irrigation season, daytime will remain off to accommodate treatments.

  • For more information, visit Sullivan's website...(click on logo above)

  • Irrigation

    • Spring start up: re-introduce water into mainline; system inspection for leaks; head adjustment; examine controller for defects; manual run of each zone; program settings for spring operation.​

    • Winterization:  exhaust water from system; close down supply valves; set controller for temporary shutdown.

    • Inspections:  review irrigation components for proper operation; adjust heads for proper throw and coverage; reprogram controller to fit seasonal conditions.

  • Landscaping

    • Lawn 5 step Healthcare Program:  ​

      • February/March: Pre-emergent & broadleaf weed control and Fertilizer​

      • March/April:  Pre-emergent weed control and organic bio-lawn nutrients

      • May/June/July:  Post-emergent weed control and surface insect control

      • August/September:  Post-emergent weed control and organic bio-lawn nutrients

      • October/November:  Winter fertilizer and weed contol.​​

  • Snow Plowing





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