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2020 Irrigation Procedures 

Some Lawn Science

There are several websites that suggest how to care for and promote a healthy lawn.  Please click here to read the full document...and tips we feel appropriate for our Senators community.

"Cycle and Soak" Irrigation Schedule
Lawns will be watered using the Cycle and Soak schedule.  Every other day starting at 7pm and ending at 9am the next morning half of the community will be watered in two 20-minute cycles.  The other half of the community will run the next night with the same cycle.  Flower beds, shrubs, and devil strips will also run every other night.

Storm Water Management

Attached presentations were shared at the Storm Water Management Workshop of December 2019 by Sussex Conservation District.

SCD Drainage Messina

SCD Stormwater Passwaters

SCD Stormwater Watson


Pond Fountains are stored on-site for the winter and will be re-installed mid- to late-March by our pond vendor Solitude.

Ponds Fall/Winter Season: 

"Winter die off (PHRAGMITES...tall reeds in ponds) occurs naturally every year once aquatic vegetation goes dormant.  Most of the stems are still attached and actively trans-locating nutrients to the roots during dormancy (winter).  Eventually the plants will completely shed the rest of these stalks, decompose and break down.  Raking out the decomposing stems is not necessary for this natural cycle or for water quality."   

                   -Solitude December 2019

All phragmites will receive their systemic fall treatment (end September/early October).  Earlier in the year, Solitude routinely conducts suppression treatments.  The Fall is the best time to apply an herbicide to get a better root/rhizome kill, improving eradication efforts which can take anywhere from 3-10 years based on the environment and several key variables. 

                    - Solitude September 2020

The following website offers guidelines in caring for your lawn...

University of Delaware Lawn Management

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

800-523-3336 (24 hour)

DE Dept of Natural Resources - Wildlife Division  302-739-9912






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