"This year we have contracted with Sullivan’s Landscaping to plow our roads in the event of significant snow so that emergency vehicles will have access into our community.  

  • Fire hydrants will be marked with snow markers so they are easily visible to emergency personnel and plows.

  • A bucket of sand will be provided at the Clubhouse entrance.  Use as necessary.

  • Our community is occupied by a combination of full time and part time residents.  We ask that you do what you feel is best for your own surroundings.  We suggest that you keep sand or kitty litter nearby to throw onto icy patches.  (In the past, residents have fallen from black ice just by stepping down from their front steps or on their driveway just to get the newspaper.)  Please be careful and use common sense when the weather gets to freezing temperatures."   

                                                         ~~~~Exec Board excerpt from Wilgus email Nov 14, 2019

Live Traffic Cams - click here for link to DelDot cameras. Select Region: "Beaches"    Then select desired camera.

Driver Safety Tips

  • Drive slowly. By driving at or under the reduced speed limit in neighborhoods you can prevent a severe accident.

  • Exercise caution at intersections and turns. Look in all directions for potential hazards. If there are children and pets nearby, know that there is a possibility that they will walk out in front of you without looking.

  • Be polite towards bicycles and scooters and keep a safe following distance until you can clearly pass them at a passing distance of greater than three feet.

  • Give pedestrians the right of way. Look for people in the road or people who are looking to cross, and slow down or stop for them especially if there is a crosswalk.





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